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About Sex in India And Sex toys Market

India before the Mughals was more tolerant towards sex. There are plenty of statues and books that date back to the pre-Mughal era that openly talked about sex. However, that doesn’t mean it was a sexual haven. Homosexuality was still stigmatized, but people were well aware of it and it was not a taboo to talk about it. And while it isn’t correct to assume that the statues of Khajuraho are a reflection of the whole society’s mindset, it’s safe to assume that the society at large didn’t have a problem with them being made. The Kamasutra and even the early scriptures mentioning about the mutual duty of both wife AND husband to take care of each other’s sexual desires, you could safely say that sex and sexuality was discussed more openly.

Once a land of Kama Sutra, now India is known for its reserve society. Since the time of independence we have come across so many changes in our society. Now we are in the edge when we have our own space agency and we are sending our own missions to moons and mars. But we have to still cover so many miles, but one thing for which we are concerned here is sexual openness, where Indians are still known to be shy and sex is still a taboo. The Core concern is Sex education which is must in India that can lead to us to talk about our sex issues and sexual desires freely just like our social issues. However the the things are now changing slowly but significantly. Somewhere along the way a sexual revolution happened right in the middle of the information superhighway.

The sex toy market has been around in India is no secret. If dildos and lubricants were sold by lone salesmen in shady streets, arrival of online shopping platforms in recent years gave it an edge—bringing in more variety, including innovative tech toys that are controlled via Bluetooth, remote or apps. The privacy associated with e-commerce has taken the shame out of shopping for products that enhance sexual experience. The market in India still remains hugely unexplored, says Armani who estimates the adult toy market to be over Rs 10,000 crore.

While the market was progressing at a steady pace in India, a leaked video clip became a watershed moment of sorts for the adult toy market last year. The clip from Netflix’s Lust Stories, showing actress Kiara Advani climaxing under the effect of a vibrator as her husband and bewildered mother-in-law watched, was the ultimate introduction for sex toys. Sales of vibrators, particularly remote-powered ‘bullets’ as featured in the scene, shot up across online sales platforms.

As actress Swara Bhaskar battled social media hatred over her masturbation scene in Veere Di Wedding around the same time, sex toy stores were busy dealing with orders that were pouring in. “Women shoppers, and sales of toys and products for women, peaked all throughout July and August. More women, single or in relationships, are open to experimenting with toys. The higher rate of ‘new’ visitors is among women as compared to men.

Here are the descriptions of some women toys :


A dildo is a sex toy, often explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for sexual penetration or other sexual activity during masturbation or with sex partners. In general, A dildo is a device usually designed for sexual penetration of the vagina, mouth, or anus, and is usually solid and phallic in shape. Some expand this definition to include vibrators. The difference between a dildo and a vibrator is simple and that is one of them shakes and the other keeps still. But, what you need to be most wary of is the BASE. Anything that goes in your bum needs a wider bottom – something to keep the toy from slipping in. Some people include devices designed for anal penetration like butt plugs. People of all genders and sexual orientations often use these devices for masturbation or for other sexual activity.


vibrator, sometimes described as a massager, is a sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation. They can be applied to erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, the vulva or vagina, penis, scrotum or anus, for sexual stimulation, for the release of sexual frustration and to achieve orgasm. Vibrators may be recommended by sex therapists for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm through masturbation or intercourse.

Couples may also choose to use a vibrator to enhance the pleasure of one or both partners. There is a device available that functions as a small vibrator specifically meant for couples to use during intercourse.

Egg or bullet Vibrator

an egg- or bullet-shaped vibrator for clitoral or penile stimulation and vaginal or anal insertion. Wired and wireless variants are both common.

Rabbit Vibrators

Two-pronged for stimulation of both the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously. It was featured on Sex and the City in the late 90s. The rabbit vibrator actually consists of two vibrators of different sizes. A phallus-like shaped vibrator is intended to be inserted into the vagina to stimulate the vagina, while a smaller clitoral stimulator is placed facing forward onto the main vibrator. The rabbit vibrator was named after the shape of the clitoral stimulator, which resembles a pair of rabbit ears. They are normally made of rubber, jelly, silicone, or latex and they come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and designs.

Anal Vibrators

 These are designed for anal use and have either a flared base or a long handle to grip, to prevent them from slipping inside and becoming lodged in the rectum. Anal vibrators come in different shapes but they are commonly butt plugs or phallus-like vibrators. They are recommended to be used with a significant amount of lubricant and to be inserted gently and carefully to prevent any potential damage to the rectal lining.