Wonderful LILO Rechargeable Wand Massager & Vibrator 100% Water Proof



  • LILO Rechargeable Magic Wand
  • Powerful  Body Massager
  • Clitoral Vibrator 
  • double head AV Vibrators
  • Adult Sex Toys for Couples



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Massager & Vibrator
LILO Rechargeable Magic Wand Powerful Body Massager Clitoral Vibrator AV Vibrators Adult Sex Toys for Couples Sex Products Product function and material introduction: 100% Brand New soft and safe material Material: Silicone+ABS Specifications: 1 piece Size:230 mm(L) 35mm(D) Powered by: USB Rechargeable Color: Black/Pink (please leave a massage when you buy to tell us which color do you like,otherwise we will random)  100%Waterproof,Double motors.strong AV massager.
  • Massive Power From 2 Motors
  • 10 Speed
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Medium Size Wand For Easy And Comfortable Use
  • Handle Of Wand Has A Vibrator So Can Be used As An Insertable Vibrator


  • Product type: adult sex toys
  • Product Style: Fashionable
  • Type: Electric body massager,sex vibrators for women
    Color: Black
    Head Diameter: 45mm
    Total Length: 230mm
    Material: Medical silicone + chromed ABS
    Max Noise: <60 dB
    10 Frequency
    Dual Motor
    USB rechargeable battery
    100% Waterproof
    Powerful massager: massage your shoulders, waists, ankles, clitoris. Relieve your exhausted body.



It is necessary to clean the dildo vibrator before and after every use with water so that it does not cause any infections during further use.
Prefer a good quality sex lubricant.
Don't try to insert forcefully, it may hurts.
If you do not feel comfortable immediately stop using it.
Don't share with anyone.
Use safely
Use the correct battery.
Check whether battery is working properly or not before using it.
Always remove the battery and then place in a dark place with good ventilation.
Read the instruction carefully before use
How to use

Use this toy externally to stimulate erogenous zones, or insert the shaft vaginally to stimulate the G-spot.

1.Release Some Tension

Turn your wand to its lowest setting and gently stroke it over your shoulders and back in a slow, circular motion for a sublime, deep tissue massage that might just lead to other things. And, relax.

2.Warm Up Is Important!

Like all pleasurable sexual activities, foreplay and warm up is important.


3.Always Use With Lube

Lube, glorious lube... It's no secret that we love the slippery stuff. A generous squeeze of lube on the head of your wand seriously enhances sensations, so grab a bottle of our Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant and glide your way to orgasm.

4.Good Vibes Only

The strong vibrational power of a wand can elicit moans that you didn’t even expect to come out of you. Many people that have never experienced an orgasm use a wand, and the result is an intense orgasm.

5.Don’t Stop Moving!

Because the vibrations of a wand massager are strong, some folks find that holding the wand in just one place for even a short period of time can cause the feeling of numbness. It’s important to remember that you are not damaging or desensitizing the nerves. If you experience a loss of sensation, back off and give your body a break from the vibration.


Whether you’re most interested in traditional body massage, clitoral stimulation, or internal play, Lilo Wand Massager offers an accessory for that. We want you to enjoy your wand in as many ways as you can imagine- whether that’s inside or outside the body, with a partner or solo. Because the most important part of the experience is that “Your Pleasure is Granted”.

7. Go Hands Free !

Go hands-free by sliding the handle of your wand between a pillow and pillow case, angling it so that it hits the right spots.


8. Make Sex Even Better

Whether you're getting it on missionary style or bending yourself into pretzel-like positions, your wand's ergonomic shape makes it easy to add to your play. Use it to stimulate your clitoris when you're in spoons or, if you're in a female-female couple, hold it between you to share the vibes.


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