Joydivision Frenchkiss Raspberry Flavoured Lubricant – 75 ml



Frenchkiss – bon appetit mon amour!

The sinfully delicious taste of the Frenchkiss lubricant makes oral games even more fun and exciting for you. Experience french love play like never before. Your partner won’t want to stop spoiling you with mouth and tongue.

And not only your taste buds will love Frenchkiss …

  • for extra long and especially tasty amorous play
  • long lasting gliding property
  • nature-identical aromas

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Let your scintillation imaginations go romp while delving into the French art of lovemaking! Natural Raspberry flavour and aroma can titillate your ladylove's senses and uplift your excitement like never before. With the Joy Division Raspberry flavoured lubricant, an edible lubricant, she will delight you with her tongue as she would be deeply submerged into the French art of lovemaking and she won’t even tire of using her tongue. And you too will find it exhilarating and cherishable sex that you ever had in your lifetime. So, Buy Joy Division Raspberry flavoured lubes online at best price for a luscious and intensifying intimacy.

Once you start using Joy division French kiss Raspberry flavoured lubricant, you and your doe will never want to stop. This Raspberry flavoured lube has so far fascinated every experts who commended the oral sex and commented as the delightful and pleasurable experience. This Raspberry flavoured edible lube is fabricated by combining the enchanting fragrance of strawberries which makes it so irresistibly. You playmate will be wanting more and more as it gets started. No men and women can resist enjoying this heavenly pleasure. When it comes to the art of lovemaking there are several ways to titillate and flicker the moods of your beloved - and Joy division Raspberry flavoured lubes make them exceptionally sexquisite. With all these breath taking qualities, Joy Division French Kiss Raspberry Flavoured Lube is regarded as the best lube for sex


  • Certified as a medical-grade sexual wellness product
  • Sinful and mouth-watering Raspberry flavour
  • Makes oral intercourse more concupiscent and coquettish for both partners
  • Raspberry Lube with food-grade quality
  • Water soluble, free from grease, condom-friendly
  • Tested Dermatologically and Medically
  • pH value is optimised
  • Made in Germany

Directions to use Raspberry Flavoured Lube

  • Flick the cap of the Raspberry Flavoured lube.
  • Squeeze the desired amount of the lube on your palm.
  • Smear it evenly over your erect penis.
  • Now enjoy the never-ending oral sex from your lovebug.

Note: This Raspberry flavoured lube is edible lube and can be used with a condom.