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FEELS EXTREMELY REALISTIC | This is a High Quality Masturbation Device that is an Exact Replica of Fleshlight Girl star Vagina – Jesse Jane. It can be hidden easily because of its flashlight style masturator discreet case.
IMPROVE | Fleshlight men’s sex toys can be used for both pleasure and to increase sexual performance and stamina. We all know you have heard that Fleshlights are the best male sex toy. See for yourself tonight.
STRONG SUCTION | Tighten and Loosen the Special End-cap to Control Suction for Added Realism. Try a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer to take it to the Next Level! Also makes a very sexy gift for him!

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Product Description

The Fleshlight – Jesse Jane is just the right stroker for those in India who are fans of one of the most popular pornstars worldwide. Jesse Jane’s Fleshlight is designed to be a perfect mimic of the shape of her vagina in the lotus textured insert, allowing it to be used nearly anywhere you could imagine thanks to the hard casing.Jesse Jane is made with better-than-real feeling SuperSkin, made to mimic human flesh. Combined with the lusciously textured inner canal, you won't be able to tell the difference. The 4 different pleasure chambers pull your cock in deeper and deeper. Every inch will be stimulated! Molded directly from super porn star Jesse Jane's tight pussy, you'll be able to fuck her all night long. Push into her tight little hole and feel her insanely realistic pussy lips massaging every inch of your cock.


  • From the Official Fleshlight® Lotus Collection
  • Cast from Gorgeous Porn Star Jesse Jane's Hot Pussy
  • Internal Canal Textured with Signature Lotus Pattern for Amazing Stimulation
  • Made with Hyper-Realistic SuperSkin that Warms to Your Body
  • Able to Insert 9 Full Inches for Balls-Deep Fucking
  • Super Tight Lips for Insane Pleasure
  • 100% Waterproof for Shower Enjoyment
  • Adjustable Base for Pin-Point Suction Control

The design of this masturbator really is perfect for self-pleasure, the body is styled like a traditional flashlight that not only looks discreet; but also makes for a natural and comfortable grip. Aside from simply holding your Fleshlight Girl in hand, you might want to wedge the case between couch cushions or pillows to be used hands-free, or try a special mount that lets you mimic some of the most popular positions.

The revolutionary, ultra safe Superskin material making up the removable interior sleeve is incredibly soft and realistic feeling, youll love how it warms to the touch, heating naturally to body temperature with use. You can play with temperature even more by heating up the sleeve in warm water first (do not attempt this in a microwave or regular oven!), and throw your lube bottle in while youre at it for more of a deliciously real feel. Youll love how Superskin keeps its shape like actual flesh, its soft and elastic, and grips you gently. Itll last a long time if cared for properly, and once youve experienced the feel of the Fleshlight, youll definitely want to prolong its life. To clean, rinse thoroughly with warm water, avoid using soap, for tougher cleaning jobs, a little diluted isopropyl alcohol works well. Its important to let the insert dry completely before storing it away, so leave it out until then.


Length - 10"
Girth - Approximately 3" inner wall (stretches)
Material - Patented Superskin
Special features - Removable sleeve, discreet case, realistic material, phthalate free,
Color - Flesh sleeve, pearl case
Sleeve Type - Lotus or Forbidden


Use with water-based lubricants only. Clean after every use. Do not use soap as this will damage the integrity of your high-quality SuperSkin sleeve - Use  Anti-bacterial cleaner.

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Weight 500 kg


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