Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Studio India is a place where you can find Love accessories to gear your personal moments with passion.

About Website & Login

What is this website about?

The Online store is all about enhancing your sexual life using our Sex gears which includes adult toys, enhancement lubricants and lotions and sexy lingerie.  Adult Studio India is an indian sex toy store specially targeted for progressive indians those who believe in sexual freedom and want to become part of sexual revolution in india. Those who want to take their sex life ahead we want to equip you all guys with our love accessories with which you can make your sex life more exciting, more romantic and more passionate.

How old do I have to be to shop here?

The nature of the business & the products we deal with, strictly targeted for adult customers only. You have to be minimum 18 years of age to shop from the website.

Do I need to register for an account to shop online?

You can always shop using guest checkout details but registering gives you an added advantage like tracking your order, eligible for certain coupons, exclusive offers and so much more.

Do you have a retail shop and branches in other cities?

No, we do not have a retail shop. Every order that you want to place have to be through our website only.

How do I sign in/sign up?

Click on the “My Account” Button available on top right corner of the home page. If you are already a member and have registered with us, then simply provide the login credentials and click on “Sign in” Button. And if not registered with us then please click on New Customer? Sign up Button which is available next to “sign In” button. And then provide the registration details to make an account there.

I've forgotten my login details / password. How can I recover them?

You can go to the Login Page, click on “Forgot Password”. Enter the email address from which you registered your account. You will get an email where a link will be sent. Simply click on the link and you will be asked reset your password.

About Products

Are your products safe to use?

Our Products are 100 % safe and hygienic as we understand the primary use of the products we are selling and so we understand about your concern as well hence we recommend you to read the manual and product description before you order the product.

Are products legal to use in India?

Well there is no specific guideline in India related to usage of adult’s products and Sex toys. Until and unless the products are used with mutual concern between two partners and not to harm anyone physically. Because the products are of extreme personal nature and even according to law no body is allowed to look into your bedroom that what you are doing with them.

Is it safe to buy online in India?

It is not legal to buy from physical shops. But even though in some cities of India you will find some physical shops. But as par hygiene and originality is concerned we recommend you not to buy from there. We here at Adult Studio India store the product with safe environment and delivered to you with discreetly packed so you can receive at your home only without any hesitation

Are there any side effects in using the products?

There are no side effects for using these products. All the products that we sell have an instruction manual available with product description on our website which should be followed. Please read the manual carefully so you will have a better clarity on how to use the product without worrying about any side effects.

Can I add a gift message?

The Option is currently not available with us. Once started We will update you. For that please register your email id for our news letter.

Can I get my order gift wrapped?

The Option is currently not available with us. Once started We will update you. For that please register your email id for our news letter.

About Shipping & Delivery

Are the products delivered in Private manner?

Absolutely, we deliver your order in discreet packing.
And neither will you find any details of our website nor you will find product details on the invoice printed. The delivery executive will never know that what the box or parcel contains inside. You can safely and confidently receive your order at door step without any hesitation.

Then how will I identify that the order I received from is your side?

As soon as your order is confirmed with us, we will let you know about your order status and about the shipping company by email or text message or both.
After your order is handled to shipping company, you will get the message time to time about your order.

Do you deliver all over India?

Yes we deliver all over India, where ever is road available to reach there, we can deliver there.

How much time will it take to receive the order?

After your order is confirmed with us The Product is handled to shipping company within 2 to 3 days. Depending on the shipping company it may take more 2 to 3 days to reach to your door step. Normally all orders are delivered within 5 to 7 days. In some rare cases it may take more than that also because the adult products are of extreme private concern and we have to deal with them very carefully. But in any case we will not let harm your privacy. And Adult Studio India is affirmed on the privacy matter. But when we normally deliver 90 % order on time, others should not take more than 10 to 12 days. That’s it.
So we recommend you be patient on delivery matter. Once your order is confirmed with us, your delivery is assured within the stipulated time period.
Because this is only our business and which keeps us in business.

Are there any shipping charges?

Shipping is FREE for all orders on and above Rs 600. The prices are of which lesser than Rs 600 then there is standard shipping charge of Rs 149 only. Because the products like condoms whose price vary between Rs 10 to Rs 200 only, are not feasible for us to deliver without additional shipping charges. Customer’s discretion is expected here.

Can I choose for self-pick up from courier office itself?

As of now the self-pick service is not available. But we are working on the same. We will let you know through our website once it is available.

If for some reason I am not available at home at the time of delivery?

However you will get the notification in advance about your delivery. The delivery executive will handle the delivery to any person who is available at your home. But when there is no one available then it will be attempted on next working day. Maximum 3 attempts will be made after which it will be returned to us.

Can I track my products once they are shipped?

Yes, of course you can track your parcel during its route to your delivery address. We want you to be well informed and feel comfortable after placing the order. Tracking Codes are given right after we handed the package over to the courier.

How to track the products from your website?

Please visit on ” My Account ” Page. Click On ” My Orders “. You can view all your orders there. Please click on ” View ” of the concerned order number. Then please click on track.

Also you can direcly go to the webiste of your courier company and can track your order there. As soon as we assign a courier company for your order, you will get a sms from that courier company which includes   AWB number, using which you can yourself track your order.

About Payments

What payment Options available on the website?

As of now the payment options available are: Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Debit & Credit Cards, Net banking, UPI and wallets.

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and RuPay)
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club)
  • Netbanking (All major banks)
  • Wallets (All major wallets)
  • International Cards (Visa, MasterCard)
Is it safe to use my banking/credit card/ debit card information at your website?

Yes it is absolutely safe. We provide you 100 % safe environment to shopping at our website. Both Credit and Debit card payments, as well as Internet Banking Payments are processed through a Payment Gateway. This Payment Gateway uses the very latest in encryption technology to protect your sensitive financial information. We are committed to maintain the highest standards of consumer information security and do everything in our power to ensure that shopping at our website is as safe and secure as it is on any other ecommerce site.

Does store my Debit / Credit card information?

No, we do not store any of your banking related information with us. We are very strict on our privacy policy. And our motto is that if we maintain your privacy then we will get business. As far as banking related informations are concerned your transaction is authorized at multiple points, first by the Payment Gateways and subsequently by Visa and Mastercard or the Banks, directly without any information passing through us. So you can shop at our website without any hesitation.

How does online payment sytem works?

Generally, every online payment involves the following parties:

  1. a cardholder ( you the customer )
  2. a merchant ( we the online seller )
  3. an acquiring bank ( our bank )
  4. an issuing bank ( your bank who issued the card on behalf of the card network ( visa/mastercard etc.)

 Then here is how transaction takes follows:

  • A user makes an order online and decides to pay for it with a credit card. He clicks on the “Order Now” button, and the website redirects him to the payment page where he enters all the card details essential to complete the payment process. He clicks on “Submit” and moves on to the next stage.
  • Data entered by the user is sent to the merchant who redirects it to the payment gateway along with the order amount.
  • Next, an authorization request from a payment gateway is sent to the acquiring bank and then to the IPS (MasterCard/AmEx/Visa) and issuing bank to make sure that the payment card in question is real and valid.
  • In case, the card is 3D Secure, the customer will be immediately redirected to a page to enter his password and verify that he is the cardholder. Once the issuing bank verifies the password, it sends a notification to the IPS.
  • Then, the IPS transfers the verification to the acquiring bank.
  • Finally, the payment gateway requests the acquiring bank to subtract order amount from the payment card.
  • The issuing bank proceeds to find out whether the customer has sufficient funds on balance. If he does, the former transfers the requested amount of money and confirms the transaction to the IPS.
  • MasterCard/AmEx/ Visa sends a confirmation to the acquiring bank and payment gateway.
  • The merchant gets information about the transaction if it is successful or declined
  • If successful Issuing bank approves transfer of money to acquiring bank.
  • The acquiring bank credits the merchant’s account.
What will happen if the payment fails?

Depending on the nature of the transaction there may be various reasons for the payment failure like internet speed, credit card limit or verification method goes wrong. Please Read the below Guidelines very carefully as this is very important to make a successful payment.

  • Due to RBI policy, to use your Indian credit or debit card online you’ll need to register for a 3D secure service.
  • In some occasions your Credit Card issuer may have set your credit limits too low by default.
  • You should contact your bank to inform about your credit limit in case of a declined payment after you have verified that your Credit Card is registered for 3D security.
  • Also check your funds in case of a Debit Card.
  • You should allow 3rd party cookies and 3rd party re-directions for your browsers as this is a mandatory requirement for these transactions to be processed.
  • Technical failures are unfortunately inherent to Credit and Debit Card usage.
  • We recommend that you attempt to make a payment several times, use a different card if possible, or try one of our alternative payment options.
What if I get transaction error or transaction declined message and still payment is deducted from my side during credit/debit card or internet banking transaction

If your payment is deducted but not received by us then the amount is automatically transferred back in your account. Generally it happens in 48 hours. But we recommend you to contact your banking customer care for further clarification in the case if such event happens.

During bank transaction I got my internet breakdown, and I came to know that the amount is deducted from my side but the order not processed.

Sometimes on the account of transaction error or internet breakdown it may happen that payment is deducted from your account, but not received by us, but on the course of time or days it actually transferred to our account. So in that case we would highly recommend you that right after such deduction happens you must contact your banking customer care, and notify them about your payment wrongly deducted and if they clarify you that payment was successfully transferred but the order is not processed from our side, then please write to us at : with the following details :

  • transaction id/no.
  • bank statement.
  • Your name
  • Contact number.
  • Bank account number
  • Ifsc code

And then rest assured. Once your payment is verified with us we will process the order or will refund your full amount according to your wish.

What is Cash On delivery (COD) Method?

If you prefer to make a payment on the moment you receive your product, you can choose our Cash on Delivery (COD) option instead. “Cash On Delivery” is a payment method where you pay for a product in cash or Debit/Credit card, when the courier company delivers the item to you.

Do you support “Cash On Delivery” (COD)?

Yes we do support Cash on Delivery.

Is COD option available for all products?

Yes, The COD option is available for all products on our website.

How long will it take for me to receive the order if I buy it with COD?

You will receive your package within 5-7 business days after verifying the order with you.

Is there any additional charge for the COD shipment?

No, there are no additional COD charges.

Can I offer cheque for the payment in place of cash?

Most courier companies will call you before coming over to deliver the product. If you miss the order the courier company will coordinate with you to reschedule the delivery time with maximum of 3 attempts. If the product is not delivered after 3 attempts, the product will be returned back to us.

What should I do to place an order with COD?
  • Select the product and place the order on and choose “Cash on Delivery” as payment method in the Checkout page.
  • You will receive an OTP to verify your order on the number provided by you.
  • Once your order is verified we start processing your order and make it ready for delivery.
  • Your order will be delivered by one of our local courier Company.
  • You pay the complete amount in cash or by Credit/Debit card.
  • Please note that payments through cheque, draft or any other means will not be accepted.
  • Please ensure that the mobile number you provide for the “Cash On Delivery” payment is always available and answered.
  • It is important that your address and landmark are very clear.
  • This will help us locate you easily and complete the process faster.
  • Please be available at the designated address with the complete cash as payment for the item purchased.
  • Foreign currency cannot be used to make a COD payment.

Only Indian Rupees accepted

About Privacy

Will my billing details reveal any information about your website?

NO, Credit Card (and other) statements for purchases made shall read the name of our parent company. The name of our parent company you will know through email or text sms or both. In no way there will be any relation mentioned to the content of your order.

Will the outer packaging reveal any information about its content?

NO, all the purchased products shall arrive in discreet packages without any sign of adult related content.

Will my family / neighbours know what is inside the package?

The products are shipped in tamper proof packaging.
Until anyone opens the package they won’t know what is inside or where has it come from. If you would have ordered some discreet products then they might not even know after opening the package. When The product is about to deliver you will be prompted through sms. So be available to receive the order at the possible time of delivery.

Will the courier boy or the delivery boy know what is inside the package?

The delivery executive will never know that what the box or parcel contains inside. We deliver your product in discreet packaging And  you will not find any details of our website and also you will not find product details on the invoice printed. You can safely and confidently receive your order at door step without any hesitation.

How do I sign in/sign up?

Click on the “My Account” Button available on top right corner of the home page. If you are already a member and have registered with us, then simply provide the login credentials and click on “Sign in” Button. And if not registered with us then please click on New Customer? Sign up Button which is available next to “sign In” button. And then provide the registration details to make an account there.

I've forgotten my login details / password. How can I recover them?

You can go to the Login Page, click on “Forgot Password”. Enter the email address from which you registered your account. You will get an email where a link will be sent. Simply click on the link and you will be asked reset your password.

What do you do with my email address?

Your e-mail address is safe with us. We will never give a way or sell your e-mail address to any other company or individual. Your e-mail address will be used only for processing your orders and informing you of our latest updates and news when you so desire. Also, we take the necessary safety measures to keep our e-mail database safe from individuals and companies trying to obtain illegal access to it. As par business morals & Integrity, We assure you about that.

About Returns & Refunds

Do you have any Return/Exchange Policy?

YES, we have a fair return & refund policy. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and happy. Click here for more information about our Returns & Refunds policy.

Can i return items or get a refund in case of a problem with my order?

As you know that we deal with adult products,and so as to maintain a high level of hygiene, we do not take returns or provide exchange for apparels and international products. We believe in providing complete hygiene of all product bought, however, if there is a manufacturing defect in the product, we will give you a replacement or refund. Please send your complaint within 2 days of delivery on with details of your order number and images if required.

How can I Ask for Refund or replacement ?

However we try our best to maintain the accuracy of the product which is to be delivered to you and without any defect. But still If you have received any product having manufacturing defect then please follow the simple steps:

  • Contact Customer Care team on
  • Send the images of the products with details of the problems.
  • You might get a call to get the issue cleared or you will receive an email with the update of what has to be done.
  • If exchange/refund is verified, then a courier boy will come and pick up the products.

Once that is done, you can simply give a confirmation on Email or WhatsApp +91-8085555303 and a new product will be shipped to you orthe same amount will be refunded to you.

I received a wrong item, what to do?

If you receive a wrong product please follow the steps below:

  • Send your Order Number with the image of the wrong product received on Email – 
  • Once your issue is identified then the appropriate action points will be given to you on Email or What’s app, whichever is convenient to you
How long will the entire exchange process take?

After your exchange is approved from our side, it may take around 14 days to complete the transaction of picking up the defective product/s from your place and new product/s being delivered to you.

Will there be any additional charge for exchanging products?

No, there will be no extra charge for the same.

How long will it take for refunds?

It may take around 14 business days.

How Refund is processed?

Refunds are done in following cases only: If the product ordered is damaged and we do not have the same product in stock for exchange. If the ordered product is Out of Stock or Damaged before delivering it to you.

How will I get refunded amount back?

If your refund is approved with us. Then there are following ways:-

  • If the mode of transaction was other than COD then the amount is refunded to the same account directly by the which transaction was done.
  • If the mode of transaction was COD then we will provide you the coupon code of same amount, which can be redeemed anytime to shop from our website.