About Us

Adult Studio India is a place where you can find Love accessories to gear your personal moments with passion.

" When love expresses through you it first expresses as the body. It becomes sex. If it expresses through the mind, which is higher, deeper, subtler, then it is called love. If it expresses through the spirit, it becomes prayer. "


About Sex in India

Once a land of Kama Sutra, now India is known for its reserve society. Since the time of independence we have come across so many changes in our society. Now we are in the edge when we have our own space agency and we are sending our own missions to moons and mars. But we have to still cover so many miles, but one thing for which we are concerned here is sexual openness, where Indians are still known to be shy and sex is still a taboo. The Core concern is Sex education which is must in India that can lead to us to talk about our sex issues and sexual desires freely just like our social issues. However the the things are now changing slowly but significantly. Somewhere along the way a sexual revolution happened right in the middle of the information superhighway. The internet has done things to our minds which we hadn’t budgeted for. Young women—as early as preteens—are not only having sex with hymen-defying casualness, but also recording themselves in the act for pure joy’s sake. We now have a generation that has given hedonism’s old mantra—if you have it flaunt it—a completely new meaning.

Who remembers today the 2005 Bollywood thriller, Kalyug (2005), which touched the raw nerves involved with the MMS proliferation? The script sympathised with Pavitra Bharatiya Naridom’s entrapment in a voyeuristic world. But a decade down that road, the template has changed. Now we have Pavitra Bharatiya Naris encouraging their partners (both sexes) to film them in coitus. Porn of the Indian amateur variety seems to the hottest thing on the net. Now Movies like Lust Stories are available for streaming which depicting sex toys and then trending starts from this onwards. Go around Youtube and you will find all those noisy nightly debates on the idiot box. Four-minute bits on youtube.com feature Delhi College girls frankly admitting that they not only masturbate frequently but also don’t mind sexting with good looking guys they don’t necessarily consider Mr Right.

The new Indian woman is not manifesting any of her politically right parents’ disdain towards porn. She has joined the enemy. However, there is a social ambush waiting for her. The permanence of a recorded line or act on the internet will prevent these liberals from moving on. Today’s girls want maximum sexual freedom at its perverse best plus ‘stability’ through marriage with boys with single syllable names, a job in finance who loves her only a little less than his golden retriever.  So, now when we are enjoying our new India let’s see where the sexual revolution is headed.

About Adult Studio India

Adult Studio India is a sexual wellness store to facilitate the progressive and aspiring Indians with Love accessories so as to make your sexual life more romantic and passionate and make you sexually happy and take you closer to your fantasies.

Our mission is to provide you with the sparks to their sexual desires to fulfill them, with the means to facilitate sexual pleasure and to freely express their sexuality using our Love Accessories.

India is changing all the way and we believe in becoming part of it. We believe that our progressive fellow Indians must go for sexual wellness products without any hesitation and embarrassment, until and unless they are not meant to harm anyone. Because sex is subject to mutual agreement for enjoying love between two companions and not to force upon and it can never be.

What Do we Offer!

As an Indian we do understand that buying sex products directly from market is not that easy because of some legal concerns and some social concerns. We  Still look here and there when we simply want to buy condoms from medical store. So here we are, now just relax, and sit opposite to your computer or move your figure on your mobile screen and browse through our products, play around, read about them, understand them and if needed raise your queries with our customer support, and if like something when you all clear then you can  order the product. It’s very simple. From lubricants to erotic lingerie, personal hygiene to condoms, literature to games and so much more, we have built a comprehensive catalog of some of the world’s foremost brands in the personal care space all at the click of a mouse.

How do we deliver !

We deliver every item with 100 % discreet packaging, and even the delivery executive will never know what you have ordered, from where you have ordered and what is there in the box. He will simply deliver the package like it does for other ecommerce sites like amazon, flipkart etc. And believe us its really very simple. Just you need to try once.